We build robots that can learn to help people live better lives, everyday and everywhere.

Two women in conversation

We’re born from X and we have a healthy disregard for the impossible. With one foot in today, and the other in tomorrow, we seek to turn the helper robots of science fiction novels into reality. Doing this requires taking on the hardest problems in robotics. All so we can solve the small problems that take up billions of human hours every day, and give people everywhere precious time to do the things that unlock our potential.

We know that helper robots can have an enduring, positive impact on how we live, work and play. That’s what gets us going in the morning, plus coffee!

Given the potential impact of our moonshot, we make a concerted effort to chart our path to the future with clear intentions and values. We know that technological advancements can have unintended consequences. That’s why we’re engaged in conversations with advisors, experts and people with a wide range of experiences to help guide and influence our work.

Two women in conversation

No company, no moonshot, no crazy science fiction idea is greater than the efforts of the people behind it. Our team is thoughtful, driven and deliberately diverse.

Driven by a shared belief in our mission, we don’t believe in tech for tech's sake, always working to a set of values that will help us create a better everyday for all.

We work on hard tech that sounds like science fiction, at least for now. We tackle problems that others don’t have the patience for, not just for the sake of it but because we believe these problems genuinely matter. We tackle them with curiosity, intention, and courage.

Because our robots are designed for everyone, they should be accessible to everyone too. This means building with both ease of use and affordability in mind.

Difference drives stronger ideas and more thoughtful outcomes. We hire, learn from, and partner with people of diverse backgrounds, abilities, beliefs, cultures, and disciplines so we can build robots that help everyone.

We know that helper robots will bring change. We tackle tough questions about how robots will fit into everyday life, so we can work toward a better future for people everywhere.

We deliberately engage with people whose perspectives are different from our own to improve our process, broaden our perspectives, and positively shape the work that we do.


Associate Professor, UC Berkeley, Robotics & Machine Learning

"You can basically script a robot to do just about anything, but the really exciting things are unimpressive visually but work every time in all circumstances"

Karen Liu

Associate Professor, Computer Science at Stanford University

"Half the answer to the sim-to-real problem lies in control. The other half lies in physics simulation, which will finally live up to its expectation when it learns to utilize large-scale data"

Andy Stern

Former President of SEIU

“Change is inevitable, progress is optional”

Stacy Parson

Principal, Knowetry Consulting

"Getting "comfortable with the uncomfortable" will always slow you down, because you will be continually seeking the sensation of comfort. Instead: allow the discomfort and let it teach you"

Ed Catmull

Co-founder, Pixar & Former President, Pixar and Disney Animation Studios

"Innovation requires loosening the controls, accepting risk, and embracing the reality that being wrong brings us closer to discovering what's actually possible"

Catie Cuan

Artist-in-Residence, Everyday Robots & PhD Candidate, Mechanical Engineering Stanford University

“If we’re going to be around robots, the conscious and unconscious movement centers of our brains will be completely engaged. Movement is a powerful way to make robots more effective and accepted”

Karan Chopra

Co-founder, Opportunity@Work

“Imagine the potential positive consequences if you design robots with people at the center”